Prijs is per set van 4 spaken zonder nippels.  Kleur zwart.

Enkel passend voor DT Swiss Dicut naafhulzen.

DT Aero Comp II: next generation Aero Comp spaak: dunner, breder en nog meer aero dan de standaard Aerolite spaak.

Are you looking for a balanced ratio of stiffness, aerodynamics and durability – then this is your spoke!

The middle section of this spoke is first butted through cold forging. This makes it more lightweight and stronger. In a further complex process, it is bladed to optimize the aerodynamic characteristics while increasing the material strength. DT Aero Comp guarantees a balanced ratio of stiffness, aerodynamics and durability.  Weight: 348 g for 64 spokes at a length of 264 mm.


T-head refers to spokes with straightpull design – specifically produced for use in Dicut DT Swiss hubs. The lack of a bend in the head eliminates one of the spoke’s weak points, making it very robust and stable.



270, 275


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