Prijs is per set van 4 spaken zonder nippels.  Kleur zwart.

The Aero Comp is the wider version (2,8mm) of the regular Aero Comp (2,5) and used in specific DT Swiss System wheels.

The middle section of this spoke is first butted through cold forging. This makes it more lightweight and stronger. In a further complex process, it is bladed to optimize the aerodynamic characteristics while increasing the material strength. DT Aero Comp Wide guarantees a balanced ratio of stiffness, aerodynamics and durability.

Straightpull refers to spokes without the classic J-bend head. The lack of a bend in the head eliminates one of the spoke’s weak points, making it very robust and stable.

SACS20273S00200274 SACS20278S00200274 SACS20285S00200274 SACS20288S00200274 SACS20289S00200274
SACS20290S00200274 SACS20294S00200274 SACS20296S00200274 SACS20297S00200274 SACS20298S00200274
SACS20291S00200274 SACS20293S00200274 SACS20295S00200274



273, 278, 285, 288, 289, 290, 291, 293, 294, 295, 296, 297, 298


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