Prijs is per set van 4 spaken zonder nippels.  Kleur zwart.

The DT-New-Aero®spoke is 2 mm thick at the head and thread, making it especially suited for heavier loads and riders. A complex process flat-forges the central part of the spoke to 3.0 mm. This process further increases the strength of the material while simultaneously creating optimal aerodynamic properties for stable road bike wheels thanks to its flat shape. Due to the high quality of materials and perfect workmanship, this flat spoke offers the utmost in reliability.
DT New Aero is the ideal spoke for wheels managing high loads or for heavier riders. Weight: 437 g for 64 spokes at a length of 264 mm.

Straightpull refers to spokes without the classic J-bend head. The lack of a bend in the head eliminates one of the spoke’s weak points, making it very robust and stable.

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