Technische info Disc Exotherm compound en eigenschappen van SwissStop 

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Pad Types
  • K03S
  • K02S
  • L03A
  • L02A
  • L04C
Brake Calipers
  • Dura Ace BR-R9270,BR-R9170
  • Ultegra BR-R8170,BR-R8070
  • 105 BR-R7070
  • Tiagra BR-4770
  • GRX BR-RX810,BR-RX400
  • XTR BR-M9100,BR-M9110
  • XT BR-M8110
  • SLX BR-M7110
  • Metrea BR-U5000
  • BR-RS805
  • BR-RS505
  • BR-RS405
  • BR-RS305


Brake Calipers
  • HD-T910


Brake Calipers
  • HD-R510
  • HD-R310


Brake Calipers

* MCX1 Flat Mount



Maximum pad life. Minimum brake fade.

EXOTherm2 combines a very durable, easy to modulate compound with a cooling fin equipped back plate to provide consistent, powerful braking in all conditions.

  • pad wear rate is much lower than competitors
  • smooth, consistent brake performance
  • lightweight at 22 grams per pair (Disc 28 EXOTherm2)


Attention: pads must be bedded in to achieve optimal performance

Step 1. On a gradual downhill slope, drag each brake for 20-30 seconds, alternating between front and rear. Repeat 2-3 times.

Step 2. On a steeper slope, engage and drag the brakes for 10-15 seconds then increase lever pressure until the bike slows almost to a complete stop. Repeat 2-3 times.

Pro Tip: The front pads will have been heated more than the rear. To achieve optimal performance, exchange the front and rear pads then repeat Step 2.

CAUTION before replacing or exchanging brake pads it is essential to let all parts cool.


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