SwissStop Disc Brake Silencer is a high-performance metallic-based release agent with a biologically degradable carrier fluid.

– Inhoud: 50 ml
– Verpakking: Spuitbus
– Geschikt voor:  Schijfremmen


  • Prevents and reduces brake squealing, without impairing the braking effect
  • Simultaneously dissipates heat
  • Prevents non-uniform wear
  • Eliminates vibration on braking

Instructions for use:

  1. remove brake pads from caliper
  2. clean brake pads and rotor with an approved brake cleaner
  3. shake the can until you can hear the ball rattling inside
  4. spray a small amount of Silencer onto the brake pads and allow several minutes to dry out
  5. mount brake pads
  6. brake pads require a new bedding in procedure to reach proper brake power
  7. check video to verify complete application process: Instructie video Swissstop disc brake silencer.


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